If you're looking for a quick and dirty intro to my work—or if you want to be entertained without committing for the length of a novel—then one of these would be a good place to start.


Black Denim Lit December 2015
Carad is caught in a snowstorm in the mountains and near death, but is saved by the kindness of a stranger. A key turning point in his life, when he must decide between what's right and what's easy.
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Transition Magazine Forthcoming
Pearl struggles to find her way out of a difficult situation and turns to the sea for inspiration


On Submission
Kaleer struggles with the role of husband and father as his eggs near their time to hatch. His last clutch of young hatched too soon, damaging his mate's mind, and he fears that she's still very unwell. He tries to ignore the violent madness in the world around him, mirroring his family life.